“You hold in your hand an invitation: to remember the transforming power of forgiveness and loving kindness. To remember that no matter where you are and what you face, within your heart peace is possible.”
― Jack Kornfield

The In-Between

When we bought our house in 2012, we knew that at some point in the future we’d need to update the interior. Years of dogs and kids took their toll as the kitchen countertops started coming apart, the paint faded, the carpets grew tired and stained, and the hardwood floors began peeling. We’d been planning…

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Seeing the Light

Over the Christmas holiday, I decided to do a little home improvement. Nothing serious; just a few new light fixtures, an easy day’s work. The kids and I brought one of the old fixtures to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for donation, and they had a light on display that I thought was a perfect…

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